Dimensions 3mx2m, electrical installation, sanitary facilities, full-fitted

Dimensions 3mx2mx2,2m; electrical installation 400V

Dimensions 4mx2mx2,2m; furnitures; sanitary facilities; electrical installation 230V; turnspit 30 item inside, 5 bayonet, 2 heater; hood 2m

Dimensions 3mx2mx2,2m; sanitary facilities; electrical installation 230V; registered; insured

Dimensions 2mx2mx2,2m; furnitures, sanitary facilities; electrical installation, plumbing connection, stabilizing supports,  window opened by actuators

Dimensions 3mx2,2mx2,2m; empty, window 2mx1m, marker lights

Dimensions 4mx2mx2,2m; counter under the window, window PCV, balcony doors PCV, electrical installation 230V

Container 7mx2,5mx2,4m; empty, 3 windows

Dimensions 4mx2mx2,2m; empty, window 1,5m

Turnspit 120cmx50cmx80cm; 6 bayonets, 2 heaters, feeder 12V

Turnspit 120cmx50cmx70cm; 5 bayonets + 2 claps; 2 heaters, feeder 12V, trolley under turnspit

Turnspit 100cmx50cmx50cm; 3 bayonets, 1 heater, feeder 12V

Dimensions 3mx2mx2,2m; double window with opening worktop

Dimensions 3mx2mx2,2m, insured, registered, full-fitted

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